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Continental’s Step-by-Step Tire Development Timeline

Follow the process from the beginning of an idea to product launch.

Pirelli’s Starts Summer Tire Test Programs at Swedish Test Center

The final winter test programs have come to an end at Pirelli’s Sottozero Center in Lapland, Sweden, while the summer test programs are just about to begin. Pirelli’s winter testing facility will now host tests in summer as well, a move that has come about thanks to the increased need for product development – particularly

The Disruptive Force in Tire Development

Autonomous driving is a game-changing opportunity for the automotive industry as well as its greatest challenge.

Tire devlopment autonomous cars
Goodyear, Sandia Labs Mark 25 Years of Collaboration

Goodyear and Sandia National Laboratories have marked 25 years working together to create more advanced computational mechanics used in the development of high quality vehicle tires.