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Sumitomo’s Smallwood to Retire; Darren Thomas to Succeed Him

Sumitomo Rubber North America President and CEO Richard Smallwood will retire and Darren Thomas will take over his role on Jan, 1, 2022, the company said.

Sumitomo Rubber North America Raises Prices

The price increase of up to 15%, driven by a dramatic increase in cost, went into effect on Oct. 15.

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12 Rubber Companies Commit to Human Rights, No Deforestation

As members of GPSNR, each company’s policies have components such as respecting human rights, increased production efficiency and more.

Sumitomo Rubber North America Announces Price Increases

The company said several factors have driven the need for this price increase including increased costs in transportation, labor and raw materials in addition to other market factors.

SRNA Has Arrived: Falken Touts 2020 Wins Despite Supply Issues

Sumitomo Rubber North America leadership demonstrated the strength of the company and its Falken brand, and addressed how it’s handling backorders at its dealer meeting Sept. 13 at the Viceroy Snowmass Hotel in Snowmass, Colorado.

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Falken Tire Plans Three New Product Launches for 2022

The leadership team of Sumitomo Rubber North America (SRNA) debuted its 2022 parade of products at its dealer meeting in Colorado on Sept. 13.

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Sumitomo Rubber Announces Price Increases

Sumitomo Rubber North America will increase prices on Falken and Ohtsu brand tires in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, effective August 1.

Manufacturer’s POV: Today’s Tire Supply Chain ‘Growing Pains’ [Audio]

It’s no secret that the tire supply chain has been jolted by the coronavirus pandemic. Things are sort of a hot mess, and there are so many factors playing a role – the price and availability of raw materials, shipping and freight, changes in manufacturing, fluctuating supply and demand…the list goes on. Dealers are most

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Manufacturer’s POV: Today’s Tire Supply Chain ‘Growing Pains’

To help us make sense of the supply chain challenges today, Sumitomo Rubber North America’s Ron Papcun, senior vice president of operations, explains reasons for supply chain delays, how we got to this point and what we can expect in terms of a “new normal.”

Whats Treading Tire Supply Chain SRNA Featured Image 1400x700
TBC CEO Olsen Steps Down, Former Michelin Exec. to Step In

Laurent Bourrut, a senior executive with experience working for Michelin, Alcan and Pechiney, and Legrand, will lead TBC Corp.

Sumitomo Rubber N.A. to Increase Some Tire Prices May 1

The company says this price increase is due to increased costs in both transportation, labor and raw materials, in addition to other market factors.

SRNA Dealer Forum Addresses Market Rebound, Shipping Issues

The company’s leadership updated dealers on the outlook of the tire industry amid the pandemic and supply chain challenges, as well as gave attendees a look into SRNA’s current state of business.