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Smartphone Usage Possibly Linked To On-the-Job Car Crashes: NCCI Study

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has released a new research brief examining a recent increase in the frequency and severity of workers compensation (WC) claims for motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) and discussing potential contributing factors. “Continued advances in workplace safety have helped drive a long-term decline in workers compensation claim frequency,” said Bill
More Than Half Of Consumers Paid For Major Car Repairs In The Past 5 Years, Study Says

Many American drivers who have to pay for unexpected, major car repairs could be at risk of facing costs they cannot afford.

Scientists Modify Rubber to Heal Punctures

A team of German and Finnish scientists have developed a new kind of rubber that self-heals after it is punctured, according to the Amit Das, the lead author of the study, and his fellow scientists published their findings in the latest issue of “Applied Materials & Interfaces,” a journal of the American Chemical Society.