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Bridgestone Endorses TCS Technologies as Preferred Software Provider

Bridgestone has partnered with TCS Technologies to equip tire shops with exclusive partnership benefits through their software. According to TCS, tire businesses who sell and service Bridgestone tires can take advantage of integrations tailored specifically for the Bridgestone Affiliated Retailer Nationwide Network. According to TCS, its software program offers a host of features including mobile

Autel Releases Remote Expert Peer-to-Peer Platform Nationwide

Autel has launched its Remote Expert platform to all MaxiSYS Ultra, MS919 and MS909 tablets nationwide. The equipment manufacturer says the Remote Expert platform can connect technicians with independent module programmers, automotive diagnosticians and system experts who use the peer-to-peer network to perform needed services remotely. Earlier this year, the platform debuted on the East

Hunter Engineering Software Update Expands Inspection Capabilities

Hunter Engineering says the newest version of its alignment software, WinAlign 17.1, is now shipping. The new software provides two benefits for Hunter Quick Check Drive and Quick Check Commercial unmanned inspection system customers, says Hunter. First, Hunter says 17.1 bridges the gap between a passenger vehicle and heavy-duty inspection systems by measuring trucks too

Bridgestone Invests in $300 Million Green Autonomous Driving Project

Bridgestone Corp. has invested in Tier IV, an open-source Autoware autonomous driving operating system as part of the Green Innovation Fund Projects (GI Fund) for research and development of autonomous driving software platforms. Through the Green Autonomous Driving (AD) Project, TIER IV aims to achieve 100 times higher energy efficiency than the currently deployed technology for autonomous

State Farm Rolls Out Openbay+

State Farm recently deployed Openbay+ in select U.S. states. Openbay+ is a subscription service that matches consumers with automotive service centers that deliver automotive repair and maintenance services at preferred pricing. Exclusively through Openbay+, State Farm customers can book appointments with nearby service professionals that offer up to 25% in discounts on parts and labor.

Gopuff partners with Openbay

Gopuff recently deployed Openbay+.  Exclusively through Openbay+, Openbay says delivery partners get upfront pricing on repair and maintenance services and can book appointments with nearby service professionals that offer up to 25% in discounts on parts and labor. All U.S. Gopuff delivery partners have access to Openbay+. Delivery partners on Openbay+ match with multiple local automotive

Bridgestone’s TireConnect Enables Direct Referrals

Bridgestone Americas announced it has introduced new functionality to enable direct referrals from its consumer websites to over 900 TireConnect affiliated dealers across the U.S. and Canada. This new feature now provides customers the option to quote, request an appointment or purchase online from any TireConnect-enabled dealer directly from the Bridgestone and Firestone websites. This

How Can Cars Communicate With Your Shop Equipment?

OEMs do not just manufacture vehicles out of steel, rubber and plastic. They are producing code for software or firmware at a staggering rate. This code is hardly ever finished. As vehicles in the field rack up the miles, they will update the code to cure problems the engineers did not originally anticipate. This code

Epicor Partners with MicroStrategy on Predictive Maintenance

Epicor has announced an agreement with global analytics and business intelligence provider MicroStrategy Incorporated to deploy the new Epicor Predictive Maintenance Assistant solution via MicroStrategy’s HyperIntelligence technology. HyperIntelligence embeds instant, zero-click insights within users’ existing business tools, providing convenient, pervasive access to data at virtually any point of decision, the company says. Epicor PMA marries

Rod Bayless Epicor Predictive maintenance assistant
Anyline Launches Tire Size Scanning for Retailer Websites

Anyline has launched a new capability to scan size and dimension information from the side of any vehicle tire. The scanner can be integrated into the websites of tire retailers and allows shoppers to scan their tires using their phone camera to find the right size and specifications for their vehicle, according to Anyline. Anyline

Openbay Adds Mobile Service Provider NuBrakes to its Marketplace

Openbay says it added NuBrakes to its online automotive services marketplace. Services delivered by NuBrakes include oil changes, suspension services, tire services, general vehicle maintenance and diagnostics services. NuBrakes adds deeper coverage and a broader choice of service providers to the Openbay marketplace in Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

Hunter, Reynolds and Reynolds Reveal Equipment Integration

Hunter Engineering and Reynolds and Reynolds have revealed their new inspection equipment integration. According to Hunter and Reynolds and Reynolds, automotive dealers will now have a greater opportunity to drive more alignment and tire sales through instant access to data from Hunter’s Quick Check Drive autonomous inspection system. Hunter says once a vehicle passes through