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Selling for the Extremes: Solving Your Winter Tire Buying and Selling Woes

Tthe signs of summer mean thinking about your winter tire inventory and deciding how much to order this year and how you’re going to sell your upcoming shipments.

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Cooper Tire Launches New Winter Tire

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has added to its Mastercraft line with the Mastercraft Glacier Trex for passenger cars and crossover vehicles.

Cooper Tire Mastercraft Glacier Trex Snow Tire
Winter Tires: Planning Ahead

With winter upon us, brush up on how you need to prepare for the season.

Winter Tire Innovations

Winter tires have been around since 1934, when Finnish tiremaker Nokian introduced them for trucks. Two years later, Nokian added sizes for passenger cars. This was during a time when there were still many horses and carts on the roads, and motor vehicles didn’t have today’s handling and braking capabilities. Tires that helped keep trucks