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Commerce Department Lowers Tariff Rates

The U.S. Department of Commerce amended its countervailing duty rates for passenger vehicle and light truck tire from China to correct ministerial errors, according to reports. The errors occurred when the department included Giti Tire Fujian Co. Ltd. and Cooper Kunshan China Tire Co. Ltd. in its weighted average calculation. With the corrections, Cooper Kunshan

Chinese Duties Now Effective

Effective Dec.1, importers of passenger and light truck tires from China are required to pay the 15.69% countervailing duties, according to the Commerce Department’s notice in the Federal Register. The new duty is retroactive 90-days from the publication date of the Federal Register. Three companies have been singled out by the Commerce Department to pay

DOC Sets First Duty at 15.69%; Next Duty Due in January

The first shoe finally dropped late yesterday (Nov. 24) when the Commerce Department announced its preliminary countervailing duties on consumer tires produced in China and exported to the U.S. The 15.69% duty level, which will be reviewed again before it is set in concrete in early April 2015, will be retroactive for a 90-day period