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Free Webinar: Learn to Grow Your Sales in a Flat Market

Four dealers share their experiences and ideas on how they’ve been growing sales by changing their approach to customers.

Webinar tire dealers grow in flat market
Get ‘Em in the Door

The ‘Loss Leader’ Approach Want to boost sales? Try the “loss leader” approach. This sales technique involves significantly reducing the price of one item and using that as the “lead” to get customers into your tire store. Once a customer walks in the door, they’ll see other items of interest. In general, the loss leader technique

Repair Shops Beating Car Dealerships in Service

Repair shops are reportedly performing better than car dealership service departments, reports. Marylou Hastert, director of product marketing for DealerSocket, a customer-relationship software firm, told that independent repair shops – including tire dealers – own about 75% of the service market. According to DealerSocket’s Dealership Action Report on 6,500 auto dealerships, 53% of the