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Diagnosing Electric Power Steering Sensors

We take a look at the sensors which make up EPS systems, and how they operate.

ADAS Calibration: Sensor Operation & Calibration Myths

Do you know what happens during an ADAS calibration? Or why it is a must with today’s high-tech vehicles? Many shops and technicians can come up with multiple reasons why they don’t want to perform ADAS calibrations or invest in the equipment. But, chances are, it’s because they don’t understand what happens during an ADAS

Tech IQ: Getting Rid of Code P0315

If you replaced the ECM or crankshaft position sensor, a new code for the crankshaft position sensor called P0315 might be set. You might be able to clear the code with a scan tool, but it might set again when the engine is cranked. In this video, Babcox Media’s Andrew Markel covers what it takes

Standard Motor Products Adds ADAS Sensors, EVAP Components To Aftermarket Product Portfolio

Standard Motor Products announced the addition of 123 new part numbers to its Standard and Intermotor lines.

Dealer Tire Invests in Duke Startup Tyrata

Dealer Tire, LLC, announced it is the leading investor in helping fund Duke University startup Tyrata, a tire sensor and data management company.

Dealer Tire Tyrata
DENSO Develops New Vision Sensor for Improved Night Driving Safety

DENSO has developed a new standard vision sensor that detects pedestrians at night, cyclists, road signs, driving lanes and other road users.

denso night sensor
Sensors and Suspensions: Diagnosing Electronically Adjustable Dampeners

On racecars, mechanics in pit lane will tune the settings of the shocks and springs for the track. Some race shocks have six adjustments for compression and rebound, so they will tune the setting for the amount and rate of suspension movement.