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Top Lessons from 10 Years of Selling Smart

We look back at some lessons and proven principles that can increase the success of your tire business.

How to Post Strong Sales in a Weak Economy

Now that the economy has changed, what have you changed?

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Selling Smart: How Fit Is Your Customer Service?

Just like physical fitness, there are many aspects to managing the well-being of a customer service effort.

What a Customer-Focused Culture Really Means

Pinnacle Performance Training’s Steve Ferrante details what we can learn about customer service from Myron Boncarosky, Virginia Tire & Auto’s founder.

Does Your Team Have True PRIDE?

Finding employees with true personal responsibility in delivering excellence will show in your business’ performance.

Profit Drivers: Understanding What Really Brings Value to Your Tire Business

The average employee may not understand what the primary drivers of your business’ profitability are. Consequently, their ability to do something to support it is severely compromised.

Selling for the Extremes: Solving Your Winter Tire Buying and Selling Woes

Tthe signs of summer mean thinking about your winter tire inventory and deciding how much to order this year and how you’re going to sell your upcoming shipments.

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Why Champions Don’t Have Time to Procrastinate

If you’re a procrastinator, there’s a really good chance you’ll plan to click on this article later. But you won’t.

How to Raise the Bar on Sales at Your Tire or Auto Service Business

How do you set the bar for high performance at your tire and auto service business? Start by implementing these six tips.

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Pinnacle Performance Launches New Training Site

Steve Ferrante, Tire Review’s Selling Smart columnist since 2010, has announced the launch of the new Pinnacle Performance Training website for tire/auto service business employee training.

Sales Lessons from SEMA

Tradeshow tips to help better your business.

Winning Customer Service

In my October 2015 article “A Winning Workplace,” I wrote about the importance of employee engagement and creating an organization that top talent want to be a part of. In this article, we’ll focus further on the people in your tire business and how to hire to support a world-class customer service organization. Start at