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EV Tire Tips for Commercial Electric Truck Customers

Electric trucks aren’t just a crazy West Coast “thing” anymore. Those goods you’re ordering online are likely to soon arrive via electric truck or van (and depending on where you live, there’s a decent chance this has happened already). Even public transportation and school districts in cities from coast to coast are beginning to put

Michelin-Backed JV Group Aims to Create Large Scale Tire Recycling

The JV group is set to establish end-of-life tire recycling plants across Europe.

Scrap Tire Conference Set for December

The 8th Scrap Tire Recycling Conference offers a valuable opportunity for industry leaders, regulators and stakeholders to review key developments in scrap tire management.

Watch: What to Look for in Truck Scrap Tire Analysis

Digging through your out-of-service tire pile and analyzing the causes of tire failures can show a fleet maintenance manager the major causes for their tires being out of service.

truck tire scrap analysis
USTMA Releases New Report on U.S. Scrap Tire Markets

“Scrap tire management in the U.S. demonstrates an environmental success story – one that not enough people know about,” said Anne Forristall Luke, USTMA President and CEO.

USTMA U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association
New Scrap Tire System Proposed in Arkansas

In Arkansas, a new scrap tire system is being proposed that will increase oversight of tire programs, but some say the proposed legislation goes too far.

Georgia Scrap Tire Fees Come Under Fire

Georgia is reportedly diverting more than half of its scrap tire fees away from its intended purpose of cleaning up illegal used-tire dump sites.

Scrap Tire Analysis: The Importance of Tire Forensics

Though it may look like junk to the untrained eye, in the right hands, a used tire can actually be a tremendously useful source of information and a way to recoup major savings for a commercial trucking fleet.

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Scrap Tire Conference to Explore Trends, Opportunities

This year’s 7th Scrap to Profit Conference, held in Nashville, Tenn., will focus on innovation to drive new and improved scrap tire markets.