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Factors That Affect a Tire’s Rolling Resistance

In the last 30-some years, automakers and tire manufacturers have emphasized low rolling resistance as a key factor in fuel efficiency. So what is it and what goes into making a tire with good rolling resistance? Those answers and more coming up in this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video. Rolling resistance can be

Relationship Between Tire Tread Depth And Rolling Resistance

As a tire dealer, you know that tread depth plays a role in rolling resistance – and your customers should, too. Let’s delve into this relationship and how to explain it to customers. Tires have to generate a minimum amount of heat and friction and have great heat transfer capabilities to ensure good rolling resistance.

Video: The Rolling Resistance-Fuel Efficiency Target Conflict

Although tire manufacturers are making technological leaps in tire design and rubber compounding year after year, they all still face what they call the “target conflict” between mileage and rolling resistance. This means that improving one of these characteristics in the tire typically reduces performance in the other area. Is it possible to find a tire that’s the best of both worlds?

The Science Behind Rolling Resistance in Passenger Tires

You’ve heard about the benefits of low rolling resistance in tires for years. Now, let’s look at how it works and why.

How Does Tire Balancing Affect Rolling Resistance?

There are many aspects which influence rolling resistance of pneumatic tires.

Fuel Efficient Tires

Fuel efficient tires and the “green” movement go hand in hand. A concern for the environment, rising gas prices and government regulation all have helped grow demand for fuel-efficient tires. With each new set of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards the federal government sets, auto manufacturers are required to meet new fuel-economy benchmarks. While these