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RMA Forecasts Increase in 2016 US Tire Shipments

The Rubber Manufacturers Association is predicting total U.S. tire shipments will surpass 315 million units in 2016. Steady economic improvement, low fuel prices and increases in miles traveled should create favorable conditions for growth in 2016, RMA said. According to the forecast, original equipment passenger and light truck shipments are expected to see the largest

Restoring the Peace: Ending the RMA/TIA Deadlock

“Americans and British are one people separated only by a common language.” That George Bernard Shaw quote, famously hijacked by Winston Churchill during the war, pointed plainly to how deep cultural differences can divide the opinions and actions of people who otherwise should in close alignment. Beyond making tires, Goodyear and Michelin, for example, share

Letter to the Editor from TIA

Dear Editor: We are writing in response to your May 2015 editorial, “We Can Do Better: Return to Mandatory Registration ASAP.” While we agree with your premise that the current system for registering tires needs to be improved, TIA is opposed to any legislative action that would overturn voluntary registration. First and foremost, there is

TIA Pushing Altered Tire Registration Reform

The Tire Industry Association is calling for “meaningful” tire recall and recovery reform. TIA, together with the Safety Institute and Families for Safer Recalls, is asking Congress and the NHTSA to support reform that requires uniform electronic scan-ability of tires to increase recall success. On July 15, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation

TIA Responds to Tire Registration Legislation

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is going to do everything in its power to defeat legislation aimed at making tire registration mandatory. And that legislation exists. Late last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced S.1741 into the Senate. Also known as the Tire Efficiency, Safety and Registration Act, the bill would require tire sellers to

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RMA-Backed Tire Registration, Performance Bill Introduced in Congress

First there was the TREAD Act. Now we could soon see the TESR Act – properly titled the Tire Efficiency, Safety and Registration Act of 2015. The bipartisan Senate Bill 1741 was introduced yesterday in the U.S. Senate by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and co-sponsored by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS).

RMA President, CEO Retiring

Charles Cannon will retire from his post as the president and CEO of the Rubber Manufacturers Association at the end of this year. Cannon has served in the position for nearly eight years. “I am very proud to have been asked to lead RMA during a time of many public policy challenges,” Cannon said. “The

AP Report Questions Truck Tire Speed Capabilities

Consumer media has once again turned its attention to the tire industry. A recent Associated Press exclusive titled “Big Rigs Often Go Faster Than Tires Can Handle” has garnered the attention of national and local news outlets. The investigation claims that commercial truck operators often travel at speeds faster than what their tires can handle.

RMA Aims to Rid Roads of Unsafe Used Tires

The Rubber Manufacturers Association announced its support of efforts by states to rid the roadways of unsafe used tires. Indiana, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas will consider bans on the sale of unsafe tires this year, according to RMA. “Safety is the highest priority for the tire industry,” said Dan Zielinski,

2014 Tire Shipments Hot, Set to Cool Some for 2015

A year ago, the Rubber Manufacturers Association applauded a 4% overall increase in U.S. tire shipments for 2013, and called for a 2% boost in 2014. Well, 2014 was up year-over-year, and by an estimated 4.4%. 2014 tire shipments should come in at a total of 310 million tires, up from 2013’s final count of

TIA Opposes RMA Tire Registration Proposal

The Tire Industry Association will fight a proposal from the Rubber Manufacturers Association to reinstate a mandatory tire registration program. During a panel on tire registration and recalls at the Passenger Vehicle Tire Safety Symposium held by the National Transportation Safety Board, the RMA cited low registration rates of tires sold by independent retailers as

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RMA Makes Recommendations to NTSB

In the midst of the two-day Passenger Vehicle Tire Safety Symposium taking place Dec. 9-10 in Washington, D.C., the RMA offered a four-point safety plan to the NTSB. These recommendations were offered for use when the agency finalizes a report on its study of tire-related issues later next year. “We believe that these four common-sense