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How to Service Tires with Rim Guards

Tires with rim guards can present some challenges when mounting and demounting these tires onto rims.

Tips for Servicing Tires with Rim Guards

As customer expectations have evolved, demand for larger wheels and lower profile tires to accommodate performance, as well as looks, has come to a fever pitch. Wheel diameters have become larger, and tires have become lower profile. Today, many new pickup trucks now sit on dealer lots with 45 series tires on 22-in. wheels! To

The Trend of Growing Rim Diameters

Bigger is always better! This statement certainly seems to be holding up, especially in today’s automotive trends. With SUV and CUV sales in North America increasing over the last decade, customer needs for these vehicles include increasing tire and rim sizes. Whether it be for performance or aesthetics, larger tire rim diameters are all the

Keeping Up With Increasing Tire Sizes

Everything seems like it is getting bigger nowadays, right? I mean, our phones barely fit in our pockets. Things are getting bigger in the auto industry, too. Take, for example, the trend of increasing tire rim diameters- namely in the 18- to 22-in. rim-diameter range in recent years, which has seen double-digit growth since 2015.

Custom Wheel Service Checklist

There are certain rules of the road to abide by when servicing custom tire/wheel combos so that customers walk away with satisfied service that leads to repeat business.

Tech Minute: Pothole Season Repair Checklist

It’s that time of year again – customers are hitting potholes and damaging rims and tires. How do you inspect for this? Babcox Media’s Andrew Markel discusses the areas you need to check to ensure a complete repair.

Tech Minute Andrew Markel Babcox Media
AME Introduces New Seized Wheel Solution for Tractor Trailers

AME International has debuted two new tools for seized wheels, the RimWit and RimWit Junior.

Rim Wit Tire Wheel AME INternational
Voxx Products Promotes Gavin Horlick to President

Voxx Products, a design, manufacturing and distribution company of custom wheels, has announced that Gavin Horlick has been promoted to president of the company.