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Continental Tire opens new Retread Solutions Center in South Carolina

The company hopes to uncover new improvements and technologies to innovate the retread process.

Continental Tire’s lessons learned from over 120 years of retreading

John Cox, head of retread truck tires Americas, discusses retread market trends in 2024 and the importance of tire dealers advising their fleet customers on the benefits of retreading.

Bridgestone to highlight commercial segment products at CES

Bridgestone will showcase tire retreading, service solutions and fleet management tools at its Bridgestone Fleet Care exhibit at CES.

Retread Tires: What Helps Business Helps People

Retreads lead to a triple bottom line of benefits, including economics, environment and safety.

Alliance for Retreading Tire Solutions Formed in India

Marangoni and CEAT Limited announced a partnership to provide additional retreading solutions to the India tire market.

CEAT Marangoni India tire
Marangoni Nominated for Multiple Awards at Recircle Awards 2023

Marangoni announced it was selected as a finalist in six categories at Recircle Awards 2023.

Marangoni Awarded at the Recircle Awards 2022

Marangoni says it won four categories of the Recircle Awards 2022, the highest number of prizes awarded in the global event created to acknowledge the contribution that companies in the tire retreading and recycling sectors provide. Marangoni says it made it to the highest podium in the following categories: Best Tread Rubber Supplier; Circular Economy

Bridgestone Increases Price on Bandag Retreads

Bridgestone says it increased prices up to 17% on all Bandag retread rubber and cushion in the U.S. and Canada in response to current market dynamics. The company says ancillary products will also see an increase respective to current market conditions. Members of the Bridgestone commercial sales teams are contacting customers to provide more detailed

Price Increase
Continental Tire Sales, Retread Volumes Increase in 2021

Within a persistently turbulent market environment, Continental says it achieved a positive net income in 2021 and continues its growth in the U.S. retread market with its ContiTread brand. The volume of retread tires grew by 2.5% CAGR from 2019 to 2021, based on preliminary figures. Continental says it is committed to further increasing its retread presence

Michelin Introduces Two Trailer Tire Retreads

Michelin says the Michelin X Multi T-SA pre-mold retread and the The Michelin X One Line Energy T2 pre-mold retread are designed to lower the total cost of ownership for North American fleets.

Technology Helps Today’s Retreads Rival New Tires in Quality and Safety

Many retread tire manufacturers still cite long-standing quality and safety misconceptions as the retread industry’s biggest hurdle, but recent advancements in manufacturing technology are helping tire dealers and fleet managers understand the benefits of retreads, specifically in the commercial trucking sector.

Tyre Retreading Machinery Completes Fully-Automated Retreading Production Process

After three months from the supply of the first module, Tyre Retreading Machinery (TRM) completed the whole design-review of the Premium Retreading process, delivering the last robotized module of the production cell.