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InnoVent Renewables Launches Tire Recycling Technology

The company said its pyrolysis technology is continuous, allowing for higher efficiency compared to batch processing.

Ecore Acquires 360 Tire Recycling Group

Ecore said this acquisition enhances efficiencies for both companies and customers.

Michelin-Backed JV Group Aims to Create Large Scale Tire Recycling

The JV group is set to establish end-of-life tire recycling plants across Europe.

Ecore Invests in New Tire Recycling Facility

Ecore International says it plans to invest $25.5 million to open a regional manufacturing facility in Ozark, Alabama. The privately held flooring and surface company based in Pennsylvania is the largest converter of reclaimed rubber in North America, and its largest raw material is scrap truck tires. As part of the project, Ecore says it

The Importance of Tire Recycling

While the exact number can’t be calculated, the consensus is there are around 1.4 billion cars in the world today, meaning there are about 5.6 billion tires currently in use. With an average tire life of about three to five years, a vehicle could go through upwards of twelve tires in its life cycle. Point

Engineers Develop Concrete Made With Recycled Tire Rubber

Engineers have managed to replace 100% of conventional aggregates in concrete – such as gravel and crushed rock – with rubber from discarded and recycled tires. The team of engineers from RMIT University says the new greener and lighter concrete made with recycled tire rubber promises to reduce manufacturing and transportation costs significantly. Small amounts

The Importance of Tire Recycling (and How To Do It)

Global emissions rose 6% in 2021, their highest level yet, and the auto industry is top of mind for tighter government regulations. According to a Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology report, approximately 280+ million used tires are discarded each year. Only about 30 million of these tires are retreaded or reused, leaving the remaining

Bridgestone Invests in End-of-Life Tire Recycling

Bridgestone has partnered with Carbon Capture and Transformation (CCT) company, LanzaTech NZ, Inc. (LanzaTech) in an attempt to address end-of-life tire waste. Bridgestone says the two companies will co-develop the first dedicated end-of-life tire recycling process leveraging LanzaTech’s proprietary CCT technology, creating a pathway toward tire material circularity and the decarbonization of new tire production.

Rubber Concrete Introduced into Residential Market

Working with RMIT University, researchers say they have demonstrated that crumb rubber concrete is a safe, green alternative for residential construction in Australia, proving a much-needed new market for end-of-life tires. Lead researcher, UniSA’s Professor Julie Mills, says that this research is the first to practically demonstrate and construct the new crumb rubber concrete mix

TIA’s Dick Gust Talks Labor, Training & OTR Tire Recycling [Video]

In an industry that either makes or sells those four round circles of rubber that go on your vehicle, there’s quite a lot going on. Tire dealers are being hit hard by the most recent labor shortage, the evolution of technology teams you and your employees must stay on top of training and sustainability is

The Benefits of Using Tire Collector and Recycling Companies

Whether you’re a new tire retailer, an automotive service center, or a used tire retailer or wholesaler, you will have to properly dispose of your waste tires at some point. The decision as to how to do this is not always easy. Many cities and states are enacting “manifest” programs, requiring proper documentation from service