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Wegmann Automotive Introduces New Plasteel Wheel Weight at SEMA 2018

Wegmann Automotive’s Plombco brand introduced a new version of its Plasteel wheel weight at the 2018 SEMA Show.

Weggmann Plasteel Wheel Weight 2.0
Wheel Weight Update: Test the Waters for the Best Fit

Stocking wheel weights at your tire dealership is a no-brainer, but as the most inexpensive item installed on a new tire purchase, a dealer often overlooks his or her wheel weights options.

wheel weights zinc iron steel
New Website For Plombco’s Plasteel Product Line

Plombco is spotlighting its Plasteel product line with a designated website specifically for the lead-free wheel weight. The site contains more information regarding the features and benefits of Plasteel and allows visitors to request a free sample. The site also has video clips demonstrating the main features of Plasteel. Visit the new site at