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Ontario Tire Recycling Fees Spent on the Finer Things

Since 2009, the Ontario Tire Stewardship has collected millions of dollars in mandatory tire recycling fees from car and truck drivers in Ontario. The private agency, appointed by the Ontario government, collects roughly $80 million a year in recycling fees to recycle 12 million scrap tires in Ontario. Consumers currently pay an “eco fee” of

Tire Take Back Raises $115K for Children’s Charity

This June, the sixth annual Tire Take Back event in Ontario raised $115,876 for children with severe disabilities and illnesses. During the six-day event from June 1-6, Ontarians could drop off used tires at participating collectors across Ontario. Rock City Auto Supplies Ltd. raised the most funds by collecting 14, 837 tires, raising $26,236. Ontarians