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Maintenance IQ: Installing An Oil Filter

Keeping an oil filter on the side or bottom of the engine is no small engineering accomplishment. It is a balancing act with the forces of friction, surface area and stretch working together to keep a filter in place. In this video, Babcox Media’s Andrew Markel breaks down how to install an oil filter. This

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Better Engines Need Better Filters

Neglected oil change intervals can ruin even the best engine oils and filters.

Video: Winter Time is Filter Time

Cold temperatures make cars run richer fuel mixtures that can cause soot in the engine and in the air. Capturing the particulates is not only the job of an oil filter, but also the cabin air filter. Andrew Markel covers why changing filters before winter can keep the engine and driver healthy.

Tech Minute Andrew Markel Babcox Media
Video: What Can Cause an Oil Filter to Collapse?

Andrew Markel covers the possible root causes for a filter media to collapse due to extreme oil pressure. Ignoring the signs and hoping the new filter will correct the problem might lead to failure of engine bearings and variable valve timing components (sponsored by MAHLE).

Tech Minute Andrew Markel Babcox Media
Why Oil Filters Matter to Extended Oil Change Intervals

With oil life indicators pushing the average oil change past the 6,000-mile mark, it is not just the quality of the oil that’s improved, it is the quality of the filter, as well.