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NUCAP, Sumitomo Develop Brake Material to Handle the Heat

The development of lightweight composite solutions to industrial challenges has resulted in applications previously believed to be “out of reach” for composites, the company says.

NRS Brake Pads Now Available at Canadian Tire

Nucap says NRS Galvanized Brake Pads were created to provide long-term reliability and safety for cars.

NUCAP Releases Products to Help Healthcare Workers

In the past three months, NUCAP has created and manufactured two new products for healthcare facilities and workers.

NUCAP Launches NRS Brake Pads

NUCAP Industries has launched Galvanized NRS Brake Pads, a new proprietary line of brake pads featuring mechanically-attached friction on a galvanized steel backing plate.

NRS Bake Pads
Nucap Hires New VP for Global Initiatives

Effective Feb.1, Parimal Mody will take over as global vice president of technology at Nucap Industries.

Nucap Launches New Products

Nucap Industries Inc., a manufacturer of metal backing plates, anti-noise shims, caliper hardware, attachment hardware and electrical wear sensor for automotive disc brake pads for its brake industry clients, launched a new product category and brand. The new category, Nucap Performance Products, will receive a new website and online ordering system. The product line features