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NTSB Recommends Tire Registration, Recall Practices

The National Transportation Safety Board has found problems with the tire registration and safety recall system as a result of its “Special Investigation Report on Selected Issues in Passenger Vehicle Tire Safety.”  These findings will impact how independent tire dealers register consumer tires. “Our investigation revealed that very few tires are actually registered for recall

Exploring and Explaining the Pieces of a Truly Weird Tire Day

The day after what was truly the most bizarre day for the American tire industry that I can recall, things got even weirder. Oh, before I forget, Welcome to National Tire Safety Awareness Month!!!!! Your White House thanks you for your cooperation. Anyway, by now you have read that the National Transportation Safety Board held

RMA Makes Recommendations to NTSB

In the midst of the two-day Passenger Vehicle Tire Safety Symposium taking place Dec. 9-10 in Washington, D.C., the RMA offered a four-point safety plan to the NTSB. These recommendations were offered for use when the agency finalizes a report on its study of tire-related issues later next year. “We believe that these four common-sense

NTSB Takes a Closer Look at Tire Safety

On Feb. 21, the NTSB was notified of an accident on I-75 near Lake City, Fla., in which a 15-passenger van overturned and ejected passengers following a tire tread separation. Investigating crashes following tire failures is nothing new to us. At the time of the Florida accident, a team of our investigators was still on