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NRS Brakes Adds 18 New Part Numbers for Multiple Models

NRS Brakes made multiple additions to its product line for 2003-2022 models of Ford, Jeep, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia and Audi vehicles. According to NRS, these additions cover around 11.7 million vehicles. The following is a table detailing part numbers, OE friction, axle positions and applications.

NRS Adds 12 Part Numbers for 2015-2021 Vehicle Models

NRS has added 12 new part numbers for 2015-2021 Tesla, Ford, Ram, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan and Kia vehicles to its galvanized brake pad product line. NRS says its galvanized brake pads feature patented NRS friction attachment technology, which adds to the part’s longevity and durability. The chart below includes NRS’s new part numbers, availability, plate

NRS galvanzied brake pads
Three Scary Threats to Your Vehicle’s Brake Pads

This is the time of year when the shadows stretch a little longer, the wind blows colder and an unsettling feeling puts your nerves on end when you apply the brake pedal. The squeal or skittish stop are portents of service issues that could mean increased operational costs, for there are dangers lurking in the

NRS Highlights Important Brake-Pad Features to Face Winter Weather Challenges

Proper braking system operation is always important, but doubly so in winter weather when snow and ice can present poor driving conditions. A brake pad that is crumbling due to corrosion is both a safety issue and a cost liability. Ahead of winter weather, NRS noted several key replacement brake pad features that are important

Stock-Up on Brake System Seasonal Maintenance Tips

None of us want to think about it, but winter is coming, and the chemical slurries that coat the road cling to your vehicle’s undercarriage and gnaw away at any intrusions. This causes rust and premature failure of components like brake pads. “But I just replaced those pads!” you yell, cursing Jack Frost. The question

NRS Discusses Service Changes Demanded by Electric Vehicles

EV service process are poised to change, but quality brake pad needs remain

Two Ways That EVs Will Change Vehicle Maintenance, and One Major Way it Won’t

There’s no doubt that the increased market penetration of new EV sales will impact the service process once EVs begin to age. While there’s much to be said about the potential of reduced cost of ownership related to EVs, they will still need to be serviced regularly. To make sure your shop is prepared, here

EV Regenerative Braking Doesn’t Mean You Forget About The Brake Pads

Why high-quality brake pads are still your best bet for EVs

NRS Wins AutoGuide’s Best Brake Pads Award

NRS Brakes announced it received AutoGuide’s Editor Choice Award for “Best Brakes” for the third consecutive year. NRS Brakes says it offers the largest selection of galvanized brake pads. Manufactured in Canada and the USA, NRS says its brake pads are galvanized for rust protection. NRS says its brakes use its PACE award-winning Nucap Retention

NRS Brakes Launches Brake Pads for Ford and Lincoln Models

NRS Brakes recently launched new galvanized brake pads designed exclusively for the following makes and models: 2017-2020 Ford Fusion, 2015-2020 Ford Edge, 2017-2019 Ford Escape, 2017-2019 Lincoln Continental, 2016-2018 Lincoln MKX, 2018-2020 Lincoln MKZ and the 2019-2020 Lincoln Nautilus.

NRS Brakes Releases Brake Pads for Smaller Kia, Hyundai SUVs

The company will offer galvanized brake pads for the Hyundai Venue and the Kia Soul.

NUCAP, Sumitomo Develop Brake Material to Handle the Heat

The development of lightweight composite solutions to industrial challenges has resulted in applications previously believed to be “out of reach” for composites, the company says.