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The Best Way to Deal With Tire Safety Recalls

You love your car. In my case, there’s nothing more invigorating than riding around the city with my windows down in my speedy yet sleek blacked-out 2015 Chevy Cruze. 1.4 liter, baby. Love that car! Do you know what I don’t love? Recalls on car parts or tires that hinder my ability to take Tom

NHTSA Overturns Falken Truck Tire Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has exempted Falken Tires from a recall of more than 5,000 of its truck tires.

CMA Notified NHTSA of Non-Compliant Sidewall Markings

Last month, the China Manufacturers Alliance notified the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration of non-compliant sidewall markings on certain Double Coin branded tires, the tiremaker said. The tiremaker is petitioning NHTSA for exemption from the recall requirements because the non-compliance does not relate to motor vehicle safety. “The important factor is that the tires