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New Michelin Motorcycle Tire Coming in January

Michelin has announced the Road 5, the company’s newest motorcycle tire, designed specifically for sport touring motorcycles providing riders with enhanced grip, comfort, and stability, particularly in wet conditions.

ZC Rubber Thailand Facility Produces Motorcycle, Bias Industrial Tires

ZC Rubber Thailand has added a two-wheel production line at its Thailand facility and produced its first bias industrial tire and motorcycle tire for the Southeast Asian market.

Michelin Partners with Dickies

Groupe Michelin has partnered with Dickies to offer a new line of anti-slip footwear – the Dickies-Michelin line. The Dickies-Michelin line includes three high traction shoe options – the Apex, the Charge and the Dash. Inspired by Michelin’s City Pro motorcycle tire, the Dickies-Michelin footwear line is designed to combat hazards of wet, greasy and