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Yokohama Off-Highway Tires Launches Pair of New Radial Wheel Loader Tires

Yokohama released two new, extra-deep tread radial tires designed for loaders and dozers in construction, mining and quarry applications.

Michelin Launches MEMS Lite Solution

Michelin has launched its Michelin MEMS Lite solution, its newest offer in connected tires for surface mining and quarry vehicles. Michelin MEMS Lite is an entry-level tire MEMS solution that combines Michelin’s sensors to deliver periodic tire pressure and temperature readings. These tire sensors are mounted inside the tires, where data is captured periodically as

Michelin MEMS 4
Michelin Improves MichelinX Mine D2 Extra Load Mining Tire

Michelin North America, Inc. has launched the MichelinX Mine D2 Extra Load L5 35/65R33 tire, an improved version of one of its most popular mining tires. The new tire, developed to perform in quarry and underground mining applications, is designed to withstand the most aggressive mining environments and has the capacity to carry heavier loads,

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires Announces Galaxy LDSR 510

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires announced the Galaxy LDSR 510, a new, all-steel dozer and loader radial for surface mining. Yokohama says the non-directional tread pattern provides traction in both forward and reverse, enhanced efficiency in digging, loading and carrying operations. The company says it launched the Galaxy LDSR 510 radial in 17.5R25, 20.5R25 and 23.5R25 sizes.

Video: BKT Talks Mining Tires

Regular maintenance is a crucial step in getting the most out of mining tires. This video is sponsored by BKT.

BKT Mining Tire Video 1400
‘Mining’ for Answers: Choosing the Best Tire Technology for Mining Operations

Tires account for a significant line-item cost on any mining operator’s fiscal ledger, but tire dealers can help them balance maintaining profit and keeping work crews safe and equipment running.

Maxam Tire Expands Large Mining Tire Series

Maxam Tire has expanded its Large Mining haulage tires (MS401, MS402, MS403) series.

U.S. Mining Sector Remains Steady Despite Projected Decrease of Coal

Two years after President Donald Trump made a campaign promise to revive America’s “coal country,” the U.S. mining market hasn’t yet boomed but continues to remain steady. A revival of coal, on the other hand, remains unlikely.

Michelin Offers Two New Underground Mining Tires for the Most Extreme Conditions

Michelin North America, Inc., is offering its most aggressive underground mining tires, specifically made for loaders and transport machines operating in extreme conditions.

Michelin Mining Tires
Camso Offers New Underground Mining Tire

Camso is offering a new underground mining tire for load haul dump equipment, the MST 776. The MST 776 provides superior hard surface durability for machines working in the toughest underground mining applications, Camso said. “Knowing how uptime is crucial in underground mining, the new Camso MST 776 was engineered to maximize tread life while

Michelin Rolls Out New Surface-Mine Tire

Michelin North America has unveiled the Michelin XDR3 MB4 surface mine-haul tire. Developed for 400-plus-ton trucks, the tire features compounds and a new tread pattern that provides longer tire life, increased by a minimum of 10%, Michelin said. According to the tiremaker, the use of corrosion-isolating cables incorporated into the XDR3 tire structure provides 10%

Slow Job Growth, Wage Drop Add to Economy Issues

Job growth and wages fell in September, raising concerns that the economy is not strong enough for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by the end of 2015, according to Reuters. The Labor Department said on Oct. 2 that jobs outside of farming rose by 142,000 in September, but revised August figures showed only