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‘Mining’ for Answers: Choosing the Best Tire Technology for Mining Operations

Tires account for a significant line-item cost on any mining operator’s fiscal ledger, but tire dealers can help them balance maintaining profit and keeping work crews safe and equipment running.

Bridgestone Expands Product Line for Underground Mining

Bridgestone has announced the VSMS2 tire for underground mining, landfill and salvage environments.

Goodyear Unveils Revamped OTR Tire Website

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has unveiled its new revamped OTR tire website, The redesign was to provide an enriched user experience and for customers in mining, construction, quarry and port operations.

Solid Tires for Underground Mining Operations

I’m constantly asked about placing a different tire into an application that has been running on one type of product for years. Sometimes the new approach is a good idea and making the change will cost the customer less over time. The hardest part is getting the customer to support and buy into the change.