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Millennials in the Tire Industry From a Millennial

I go to quite a few tire industry conferences, trade shows and training events each year. Inevitably, there’s a session about working with millennials in the workplace (or how to deal with millennials) and it’s led by someone who’s about my dad’s age. It’s not a knock on my dad or his generation. Far from it. My dad is the reason I chose a career in the tire industry. But I’m tired of people talking about millennials who aren’t millennials themselves.

Study Finds Millennials Are Driving Less, Don’t Plan On Changing

The Maryland Public Interest Research Group (Maryland PIRG) and Frontier Group released a study that reports the Millennial generation’s dramatic shift away from driving is more than temporary. According to the study, the 2000s saw a marked decrease in the average number of miles traveled by young Americans. Those trends appear likely to continue even