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OTR Market to Reach $7.68 Billion by 2025

A new report states the OTR tire market, by value, is projected to grow from  5.34 Billion USD in 2017 to 7.68 Billion USD by 2025.

Market Profile: Tires

The tire industry is ever evolving. Passenger tire tariffs and pending truck tire tariffs are impacting or will impact the business of tire dealers across the U.S.  Recently announced mergers and plant expansions within the U.S. could shake up the market even more. With all of the shifts and changes and re-directions, it’s hard for

Market Profile: Service

Traditionally, Tire Review has paired service data with tire market data in one section. In 2016, we decided to break the information apart from the tire market information to help tire dealers realize the full potential of the service side of their business. All information is Tire Review research unless otherwise noted. Direct any questions

2015 Tire Market Profile

Even if you’ve been in the tire industry for a mere 12 months, you’ve probably seen more movement and change and shifts than you thought were possible. 2014 was most definitely a year of massive change, which we’ve seen spill over into the current year. With all of the shifts and changes and re-directions we’ve