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The Art of Buying Tires: Effective Pricing Strategies

Many independent dealers are struggling with profitability today, simply focusing on tire sales to increase the bottom line. Yet it all starts with the top line, meaning more sales will result in more profits.

How tire dealers can price tires effectively
Why Champions Don’t Have Time to Procrastinate

If you’re a procrastinator, there’s a really good chance you’ll plan to click on this article later. But you won’t.

Mitchell 1 to Hold Shop Management Workshop

Mitchell 1 will be holding the first Shop Management Workshop of the year in San Diego.

mitchell 1 logo
The Need For “Why” Rediscovering What Moves You

You took the plunge 20 years ago. You are a business owner/operator. You, my friend, are living the American dream in all its glory.

Guns In the Workplace

On December 1, 2017, an angry customer confronted a staff member at Collier Car Care Center in Naples, Florida.

Top Shop Discussion – Gun Policy

The topic of Guns in the Workplace came up during a panel at the 2018 Tire Review Top Shop event in Nashville, Tennessee. This is what our 2018 finalists and past winners had to say about the topic:   Tire Review:  I’m curious about your gun policies. Alpio Barbara, Redwood General Tire:  Your what? Patti

Four Creative Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Experts say there is a direct relationship between keeping employees happy and getting the best out of them, but improving morale in the shop is a deceptively simple goal.

How Business Results are Tied to Communication

Here’s a claim you can mull over and consider as you reflect on your own company: “99.99% of all companies have no standards for effective communication inside the business.”

Passion Powers Performance: Does Your Team Have It?

Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, said, “People with passion can change the world.” A bold statement for sure, but perhaps you’re not looking to change the world. Perhaps you’re just looking to create a more successful tire/auto business.

Spend Less Time Managing Your Business

Time is money. When business owners spend their time focusing on accounting or human resource issues, it’s time spent not focusing on how to improve or grow the business. Administrative tasks are essential, but can be a productivity killer, too. Follow these 10 steps to spend less time on administration and more time growing and improving your business.

Standing Apart from the Competition

Break the routine to reach customers.

A Look Inside Two Tire Dealerships’ Drug Policies

Bud’s Tire and Wheel and Dunn Tire share insight into their dealerships’ drug policies.