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How’s Your Lug Nut Knowledge?

Examining the types, techniques and do’s and don’ts of handling lug nuts and bolts.

The Importance of Retorquing Lug Nuts Correctly

So, you just replaced your customer’s tires with some brand-new ones. That’s great! But you may be overlooking something a bit unconventional. There is a step that tire dealers might skip following tire installation or repair. In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we discuss what that step is and what lug nuts

Michigan Court: Tire Rotation Need Not Require Tightened Lug Nuts

A decision from the Michigan Court of Appeals says a tire rotation by a mechanic could be considered performed even if the left front lug nuts weren’t tightened.

Tire Rotation video
RimBlades USA Introduces Lug Nut Covers For Wheels

RimBlades has introduced lug nut covers designed for both protection and personalization and available in eight colors.

RimBlades logo
It’s Really All About Lug Nuts

Examining the types, techniques and dos and don’ts of handling lug nuts and bolts.