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Pennsylvania Legislation Proposes Safety Inspections Include Recall Searches

A bill presented in the Pennsylvania House (HB 1182) has proposed Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) recall searches should be included during vehicle safety inspections.

Maine Bills Threaten State’s Safety Inspection Program

Two new bills have been introduced to the Maine House (HB 439 and HB 567) that would change or dismantle the state’s current annual safety inspection program.

West Virginia Crash Parts Bill Drops Consumer Consent

Legislation (SB 544) has been introduced in the West Virginia Senate that would eliminate the requirement for consumer written consent when using aftermarket parts in a vehicle that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty in West Virginia.

Maine Bill Proposes Bi-Annual Safety Inspection Program  

A bill (HB 167) has been introduced to the Maine House that would require state-registered vehicles to undergo a bi-annual safety inspection, rather than Maine’s current annual safety inspection.

New Hampshire Legislature Approves Aftermarket Parts Disclosure Bill

The New Hampshire House and Senate have passed aftermarket parts disclosure legislation, SB 436, that requires an insurer to disclose whether or not an estimate has been prepared based on the use of aftermarket parts. The bill currently awaits final approval from the New Hampshire governor. Under the new law, an insurer that does not

Michigan Gov. Signs Bill to Aid Used Tire Sales Record Keeping

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation that requires a person selling used tires to comply with the same standards set for used vehicle parts. The newly signed law, from Bill 331, amends Public Act 119 of 1986, which deals with the buying and receiving of used motor vehicles parts. Under the new amendment a

Letter to the Editor from TIA

Dear Editor: We are writing in response to your May 2015 editorial, “We Can Do Better: Return to Mandatory Registration ASAP.” While we agree with your premise that the current system for registering tires needs to be improved, TIA is opposed to any legislative action that would overturn voluntary registration. First and foremost, there is

Senate Bill Would Allow Online Product Warranty Posting

The Senate unanimously passed legislation to allow manufacturers to meet warranty and labeling requirements for consumer products by providing warranty information online. Senate Bill 1359 has now been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce for consideration. Federal Trade Commission regulations on how product warranty information must be provided to consumers are considered

California Governor Vetoes TPMS Bill

Calif. Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. has vetoed AB 1665, a bill that would require “an automotive repair dealer that repairs tires or changes tires shall be capable of diagnosing and servicing a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in accordance with industry standards if the vehicle is manufactured with the device.” “Earlier this year, the

Colorado Gov. Signs Waste Tire Legislation

Friday, June 6, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed legislation addressing the state’s waste tire stockpiles. Currently, more than 60 million tires sit in two piles, known as monofills, posing a threat to the environment if either pile would catch fire. The bipartisan legislation will eventually shut down and clean up the two tire monofills. Additionally,

Massachusetts Pushing for Young Rubber on Its Roads

The Massachusetts House of Representatives is exploring a bill that would limit the age of tires on vehicles within the state. An Act to Increase Road Safety, also known as H3016, would require a rejection certificate for any vehicle equipped with a passenger or light truck tire, including a full-service spare, more than six years

Senate Committee Approves Transportation Bill

The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee unanimously approved a bill supporting U.S. highways – S.2322. S.2322 would reauthorize federal aid to highway and highway safety construction programs for six years at current funding levels, $52 billion, with adjustments for inflation. Additionally the proposed bill would maintain the core highway program structure from MAP-21.