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Kukui CEO Enters Final Leg of 1000 Shop Visits

Kukui Corp.’s CEO Todd Westerlund, will soon embarked on the third and final leg of his year-long project to visit more than 1,000 auto repair shops in 2017. Kukui’s mission is to help auto repair shops be successful and grow by hearing and seeing first hand how shop owners across the country achieve success.

Customer Marketing and Retention Companies Partner

Kukui Corporation has partnered with AutoShopFollowUp.com to equip tire and auto service facilities with next-level customer retention solutions. Kukui’s new Lost Customer Module identifies which customers have not been in the shop for a while, but contacting them all is sometimes a challenge. Through this partnership, AutoShopFollowUp.com will handle the follow up calls.

Kukui Earns Google Premier Partner Status

Kukui Corp. has earned the prestigious Google Premier Partner designation. “Receiving the Google Premier Partner designation is an acknowledgement from the world’s largest search engine of our online marketing expertise and sets us apart from the competition,” said Todd Westerlund, Kukui Corp. CEO. “We’re excited about this recognition and expect that it will increase our

Kukui Upgrades Direct Mail Services  

Kukui Corp. has launched an upgrade to the direct mail services in its software marketing platform. “The goal is to make postcard marketing as easy as possible, so shop owners can enjoy the benefits of this type of outreach without having to spend hours researching who to target or what type of offer to make,”

Kukui Promotes New VP, Expands Marketing

Kukui Corp. has promoted Caitlyn Williams to serve as the company’s vice president of client services. In addition, Kukui has also added Kiley Fasano as its director of marketing and production and Omar Avalos as graphic design and marketing coordinator. In her new role, Williams will manage client satisfaction and retention and oversees all client-facing