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NA Williams’ McCollum: My Commitment to the Aftermarket

Roger McCollum, chairman and CEO of NA Williams, began his long career in the automotive aftermarket at Ken Tool Co., in Akron, Ohio, where he served in a variety of sales and management positions, eventually advancing to national sales manager. He joined N.A. Williams Co. in 1984 and currently serves as chairman and CEO of

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Ken-Tool Hires National Sales Manager 

Ben Graham has joined Ken-Tool as the company’s national sales manager.

Ken-Tool Launches Rust Hog Abrasive Tool

Ken-Tool releases the new Rust Hog abrasive tool to remove surface rust and debris on studs and flat mating surfaces of wheels, wheel hubs and brake rotor hats.

Ken-Tool Unveils Three New Tools

Ken-Tool has released three new tools to make adjusting drum air brake linkage to remove dangerous slack on trucks and trailers an easier task, the company said. The tools – the Meritor Automatic Slack Adjuster Set, Haldex Slack Adjuster Tool and Bendix Slack Adjuster Tool – fit each brake manufacturer’s respective air braking systems. The

Ken-Tool Adds 5-Piece MorTorq Socket Tool Set

Ken-Tool said its latest fastener socket driver set, the 30260 5-piece MorTorq driver set, includes a 3/8-in. driver and M0, M1, M2, M3 and M4 drive heads, in addition to a steel storage rail. The fastener design, often referred to as a “spiral drive,” with the driver engaging into the four curved “wings” in the

Ken-Tool Releases Dual Wheel Separation Bag

Ken-Tool has unveiled a tool to help remove wheels/tires from truck and trailer axles—the Ken-Tool 34555 Shark Fin Dual Wheel Separation Bag. The Shark Fin is an extreme-duty, rubber coated, Kevlar bag which uses air pressure to create 5000 lbs. of force to separate and remove stuck/corroded dual wheels off the axle studs and hubs.

Ken-Tool Releases DIY Consumer Kit

Ken-Tool, a tire and wheel service product supplier, announced the launch of the DIY reCore TPMS Valve Stem Repair Kit. The kit allows consumers a do-it-yourself approach to repair damaged aluminum TPMS valve stems, Ken-Tool said. The kit includes two repair stems, a custom stepped drill bit, a tap, tap holder, a valve core torque

Truck Tire Demount, Mount Kit

Ken-Tool’s latest tire changing tool set, the 17.5 Sidewinder Kit, features five unique tools designed to demount and mount 17.5-inch diameter truck tires. According to the tool manufacturer, the Sidewinder kit allows a single technician to quickly service these tires and wheels. The kit features the 17.5 Sidewinder Demount Tool and the Gap Tool, which

17.5 Sidewinder
Tire Cage

Ken-Tool’s newest tire cage is also its smallest. The 36000-T107 Utility Tire Inflation Cage is designed for tires for turf care equipment, golf carts, all-terrain vehicles and personal mobility scooters is designed solely for non-highway use tires, carrying the letters NHS (Non-Highway Service) on the tire sidewall. It is rated to 80 psi, and addresses

Weight Hammer

The Automotive Weight Hammer from Ken-Tool is designed for installing and removing clip-on wheel weights for automotive and light-duty trucks. Features include a rubber grip, which resists common shop chemicals, and a fiberglass handle with an ergonomic design to provide the technician comfort with or without gloves. The hammer is 11.5-inches in length and is

Ken-Tool Celebrates 95 Years

This year marks the 95th anniversary of the founding of tire service hand tool manufacturer Ken-Tool. John A. Kennedy, a tire changer, developed a company to market and sell hand tools when he developed the Pacific Rim Tool in 1920. Because Kennedy’s business didn’t have manufacturing capabilities, he partnered with J. Frank Kemmerline of the

Ken-Tool Earns ISO Certification

Ken-Tool announced it became certified on Dec. 9, 2014, with the current ISO 9001:2008 standards for quality management systems. ISO’s quality assurance procedural guidelines lay the groundwork for an organization’s development of a uniform set of procedures to establish, monitor and control product or service quality, according to Ken-Tool. “A primary reason we embarked on