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Leadership Investment

Sometimes in business, it’s hard to spot your return on investment. That’s not true with Tire Leadership 21 – the return is right there in the syllabus. Send your employee to Tire Leadership 21 and they’ll produce a project aimed at creating $25,000 in revenue or savings. More importantly (something is more important than money?), your

Understanding Y

I am a Millennial, a card-carrying member of Generation Y. If you were to Google “Millennials,” a multitude of negative, positive, educated and uneducated views about the generation will appear. And, for each of these positive or negative stereotypes, I can find a friend who fits that mold. Hundreds of journalists, bloggers and scholars have

Winter Tires – I’m Sold

As I sat with the pedal to the floor looking out onto ice, I couldn’t help thinking this isn’t right. I shouldn’t have my right foot flat on the floor. How have I only hit 10 mph and why does that feel so fast? Most importantly, why am I driving a Lexus ES350 on a

Your Average Customer

I’ve been working in the tire industry now for just over six months and I still feel like and am a rookie. While I’ve learned a lot about the industry – in thanks to speaking with dealers and tire manufacturers – I still find myself looking at the industry from a consumer-based point of view.