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When Thank You Isn’t Enough

Kristen Criswell shares her insights and perspective on the value of military service as the spouse of a military member.

Embracing Online Sales

I’m experiencing déjà vu. Another tire manufacturer – Michelin North America – has entered the direct-to-consumer market. And no surprise, Tire Review’s website blew up with comments from tire dealers that manufacturers are out to steal the tire dealer’s business. I feel your pain. This direct-to-consumer sales trend hurts your business. You’re no longer in

The Evolving Vehicle

Cars have come a long way since the first “production” vehicles made by Karl Benz. Power steering, automatic transmission, ABS systems and even TPMS, these technologies seem light years ahead of the technology in the first road car. Today we’re going even further, entering a new era of vehicle – the “smart” car. The autonomous

Correcting Blind Spots

You tell yourself, you’re the best tire dealership in your area. But, how do you really know that’s true? Do you have basis for your opinion or is that something you just believe out of self-pride? Odds are you aren’t No. 1 or even No. 2, you just believe your business is on top. We

Take a Page Out of Walmart’s Playbook

Walmart is airing commercials urging customers to get the most fun out of their tax refund. The commercial features a man traveling via car non-stop for work and presumably wearing down his tires. When his tax refund comes, he decides to purchase new tires for his vehicle and take a road trip with his daughter.

Remembering Jim: A Mentor

The day Jim died I was driving home and noticed the flags were at half-mast. I’m not exactly sure why the flags were in that position, but for me it was a sign of mourning and memorial to Jim Smith. A cliché he would have hated, but so true. While I only knew Jim for less

Preparing for Success: The Artistry of Formal Business Planning

When creating a piece of art – from a painting to a sculpture – an artist uses planning, skill and intuition. Michelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling without planning out each fresco carefully. Claude Monet spent time painting the same subjects under different conditions to prefect his skills. Jackson Pollock drew from within to

To TIA: Let’s Continue to Support Industry Females

As a woman covering news in the tire industry, the Tire Industry Association’s efforts this past year, lead by President Freda Pratt-Boyer, started to get me excited for females working in the industry. The association had an entire issue dedicated to women in the tire industry; it hosted its first all-female certified ATS class; and

Celebrating 50 Years, Climbing Up an Icon

Standing at the bottom of a metal ladder that’s slightly rusted and visibly curved, I wonder why am I doing this again? Then the Uniroyal representative manning the tire tells the small group clustered around him that more people have been struck by lightning than have climbed the iconic 80-foot Uniroyal tire. I may or

Attn: Women (and Shops that Employ Females)

Being a female in the tire industry, and even auto care industry, you can often feel alone in a sea of men.  Not that working with men isn’t great, but sometimes it’s nice to interact with other females. I’m here to reiterate to all the females in the industry that you’re not alone. There are

Tire Dealers, Auto Shops Participate In Brakes For Breasts Campaign

The SEMA show was an exciting week for me. While the long days and endless walking left my body exhausted and feet aching, I’d be lying if I said I had a terrible time. I got out from behind my desk and got to learn about the industry from both manufacturers and, more importantly, you.

It’s Okay to Not Know

The past few months my husband has been searching for a replacement car. Recently, I joined him at the dealership for the test drive. Our experience with the salesman can serve as a lesson for any salesperson at a tire dealership. Like many consumers these days, or as a typical Gen Yer, we had spent