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Club 3633 Profiles: Sandy Moody

Known fondly as the “Tire Diva” by her co-workers, Sandy Moody started working with her brother in a small shop in her early twenties. She took to it immediately. While her brother has since moved on to other things, Moody is now the manager of the Big O Tires shop in Yucca Valley, Calif.

Proud To Be An Independent Tire Dealer: Hay Tire Pros

At an age where most people are slowing down and finding a relaxing place to spend their retirement, Henry Hay, 86, is still working hard to stay healthy and to support the thriving business that he built with his son, David Hay, 56.

How Consumers Research Tires Before Buying

Before making a big investment like buying a new set of tires, many consumers will seek out advice and expertise to assist in the decision making process.

Club 3633 Profile: Blake Aubrey

You’ve heard of the Avengers and X-Men but have you heard of the Dream Team? Blake Aubrey, a human resources manager with Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is captain of a Dream Team and works to teach young kids about the importance of manufacturing careers.

Club 3633 Profile: Brad Guinn

Like a true visionary, Brad Guinn’s job is to tap into the potential of employees at Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.’s Texarkana plant and help to paint a vision of how their team can accomplish the impossible.

Club 3633 Profile: Nick Sauty

Nicolas Sauty is on a quest for answers to fundamental science problems in the world of tires. As a polymer scientist in the innovative technology department at Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Sauty’s work is never confined to a single area. He spends his day developing everything from new polymers to processes.

Club 3633 Profile: Jason Lang

Being the head of marketing and a territory manager in addition to serving as a volunteer fireman, Jason Lang has a lot on his plate – but he’s still hungry.

Club 3633 Profile: Cody Lang

Cody Lang was only 18 when he walked into his family’s dealership as a tire salesman. “When a lot of people looked at me they immediately thought, ‘What does a young guy like this possibly know about the tire industry, let alone help me with my business,’” says Lang.

Club 3633 Profile: Carmen Ackerman

Days at Dawson Tire & Wheel are anything but typical for Chief Financial Officer Carmen Ackerman. Since joining the team in 2013, on any given day Ackerman may be collaborating with other Dawson employees, doing financial modeling or working with the financial team to develop new projects.

Club 3633 Profile: Aaron Docter

Pro Puller Tires is a one-man show. This means owner Aaron Docter has to do lot of heavy lifting, and not just when it comes to moving six-foot-wide tractor tires. “I go to a lot of tractor pulls throughout the U.S. to promote my brand, so I have a pretty full summer,” says Docter.

Club 3633 Profile: Jeff Wallick

Jeff Wallick is living his dream. All he ever really wanted to do was sell tires and talk to tire dealers, and now he gets to do both every day. Wallick has been around the tire industry his whole life. He said that from the day he was born all his family talked about at home was football and tires.

Club 3633 Profile: Chris King

Chris King has played a large role in growing Tire Town from one established tire shop to eight locations, all in less than 10 years. With little to no retail or tire experience, having previously worked in real estate, King worked with Tire Town owner Lanier Alford to integrate a stronger structure within his existing business in Myrtle Beach, S.C.