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The Long Tail of Ag Tires Finding Your Niche

We live in a truly limitless world. Our world is both large and small. We have access to nearly infinite options in nearly every facet of life and industry. Meanwhile, our reach has expanded exponentially, while making the world much smaller and more reachable.

Club 3633 Profile: Jeff Wallick

Jeff Wallick is living his dream. All he ever really wanted to do was sell tires and talk to tire dealers, and now he gets to do both every day. Wallick has been around the tire industry his whole life. He said that from the day he was born all his family talked about at home was football and tires.

A Time To Build

How lucky are we? If you turn on the TV and flip the channel to your favorite news station, watch for five minutes and ask yourself that same question again. How lucky are we?

Millennials in the Tire Industry From a Millennial

I go to quite a few tire industry conferences, trade shows and training events each year. Inevitably, there’s a session about working with millennials in the workplace (or how to deal with millennials) and it’s led by someone who’s about my dad’s age. It’s not a knock on my dad or his generation. Far from it. My dad is the reason I chose a career in the tire industry. But I’m tired of people talking about millennials who aren’t millennials themselves.

Continued Growth

What is the American dream? There’s something about an election year that evokes such existential questions. Is it an innate desire to lead a better life than our parents? What’s our purpose? Maybe it’s just to be happy, but I think it goes deeper than that. Since the beginning of recorded humanity, we’ve progressed and

Ag Tires: Looking Ahead

Have you ever looked back at your high school yearbook? Look at yourself, all young and full of hope, maybe a little naïve about life. Look at that hair! Look at what you were wearing! What were you thinking? Don’t worry. I’m not singling you out. We were all there with you. In the ’70s,

Ag: A Story of Emotions, Volatility and Risk

Agriculture in 2016 is a story of intuition and data. For centuries, farmers have been successful in part by relying on their good intuition passed from generation to generation. Many farmers know when to plant, which crops will yield the most bushels per acre and the highest profits, and they trust their gut to know