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Tire Dealers & Service Work: Underhood Jobs Performed Annually

Tire Review readers are increasingly adding service work to their offerings. Find out how many under-the-hood jobs dealers across the U.S. perform annually.

Tire Industry Insights: Have You Been Asked to Sell Your Tire Shop?

Over the years, increasing numbers of tire and service retailers have been approached about selling their businesses. But just how many?

asked to sell your business tire shop
U.S. Tire Industry Sees Growing Number of Imports from Thailand, Vietnam

The U.S. tire industry saw a big jump in imports from Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam in 2017, according to the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Industry Update: Growth in Adversity for China-Based Tiremakers

Despite a very tough year, the Chinese tire industry continues to make headlines for its sheer size, overseas expansions and tariff and non-tariff barriers.

Do Customers Ask About Speed and Load Ratings at Your Shop?

We asked tire dealers how often consumers ask them about load index and speed ratings when buying tire.

The Number of Employees per Location

Staffing at each of your locations is critical to your bottom line, often dictating your profit or loss.

Dumping the Price Dump Call

The research team at Molloy Sales Development Group was asked to explore two types of customer phone interactions: Price shoppers, and price dumps.

Industry Intelligence: Optimizing the Oil Change

Oil changes are an essential part of your business model. If you look at the selling price, the cost of parts and labor, and most importantly the value of that bay to your business in a day, it only makes sense to look for additional vehicle needs when an oil change customer comes into your shop.