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BKT Launches New Industrial Rubber Track Multiforce BK T91

BKT’s new track pattern is designed for compact track loaders employed in harsh operating conditions.

BKT Introduces the New Multimax MP 538

BKT has introduced the Multimax MP 538, a new agro-industrial tire designed for different types of machinery and applications. Applications for the tire include motor graders and loaders operating on ice and snow as well as telehandlers, universal vehicles, and sweepers for road maintenance. BKT says its designed tread pattern provides enhanced traction and the

BKT Launches New Tire FL 695

BKT has launched its new FL 695 tire, an agro-industrial product specifically designed for trailers in construction and farming transport applications. This radial tire is resistant and durable thanks to a strong casing with multi-ply steel layers providing protection against punctures, the company says. In addition, BKT says the tire is made of a compound

How BKT Keeps Up With the Needs of Logistics Operations

With the challenges and demands increasing in logistics operations, the vehicles and the tires they run must be designed to handle intense and extreme conditions. In industrial operations, forklifts, container handlers, reach stackers, and skid steers, machines can be running 24 hours per day, seven days per week, so increased productivity is important. Moving the most product

BKT Responds to Industrial Handling Challenges with MagLift Tires

Industrial logistical operations create numerous challenges for machinery operating in this environment and especially for the tires that equip them. Goods transport and handling require stability, traction, significant load capacity and a high level of driving comfort. For this reason, BKT is developing new compounds that are highly resistant to cutting and tearing, as well

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Maxam Tire Releases New Industrial Solid Tires Lineup

Maxam Tire released the new MS601+ and MS701+, along with the MS702 as part of its industrial solid tire lineup. Maxam says the MS601+ is produced in an automated strip winding process that is fully owned and operated by the company. The MS601+ is designed to last longer than the previous generation. The MS601+ features

Double Coin Tires Announces September Program

Double Coin has increased tire distribution to its network of warehouses to support the program for off-the-road and industrial tire dealers.

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Continental Relaunches Solid Tire Segment

With a three-brand strategy, Continental offers a portfolio under the brands of Continental, General Tire and Barum for different industrial applications and customer requirements

GRI Launches New Radial Construction Tire

GRI’s new Grip XLR MP55 features extra-wide lugs for grip and greater stability and a tread compound that ensures resistance against wear and cuts, GRI says.

Petlas Showcases Product Range at Agritechnica

Turkish tire manufacturer Petlas is showcasing its innovations at this year’s Agritechnica Exhibition, a seven-day event that has been shaping the future of agricultural operations for more than three decades.

BKT Tires Releases OTR, Industrial Winter Tire Range Lineup

BKT’s ranges include Earthmax SR 22, Snow Trac and Earthmax SR 42 for OTR applications in the winter as well as Earthmax SR 33 and Ridemax IT 696 for the industrial sector.

ZC Rubber to Build Industrial Tires in Thailand

ZC Rubber is adding a new production line at its Thailand factory to build industrial tires, including skid steer tires and pneumatic bias industrial forklift tires.