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Triumph Over Tragedy

Tire Review Editor Patti Renner discusses the inspiration behind the December cover story and the essential qualities of leadership.

Creating a Culture of Change

For the past six months, I’ve been lucky to travel across North America and spend time with tire dealers, distributors and manufacturers at various events and conferences. The theme I hear most is that “change is upon us,” and independent tire dealers who embrace the trends and position themselves well are the ones who will

Exploring Your Options

Some say the proverbial dark clouds are forming on the horizon, heading this way fast. Consolidation within the industry, manufacturers selling direct and/or online, shrinking profit margins, rising employment costs, a shift toward digital, competition from big box stores and car dealers – I could go on. The combined perfect storm of pressure upon the

On Being a Top Shop

When I ask successful tire dealers what they do, I hear things like, “We try to make someone’s day better,” and “We keep families safe,” and “Whatever it takes to serve the customer,” or “We set an example, to make a positive impact on our community.” Rarely does selling tires come up first. So this

Lessons from Danville

It’s been a few weeks since the calling hours and funeral of Billy Scheier. Somewhere in Virginia his son, Bill Jr., is probably in a classroom, searching for a new normal without his biggest fan. Wife, Wendy, is probably missing him every day, summoning the strength to smile when asked how she’s doing: “I’m fine.”

Industry Change Starts with the Independent Tire Dealer

Welcome to Tire Review’s SourceBook 2016. In the pages that follow, you’ll find the latest numbers, details and statistics based on in-depth research gathered from across our industry. The information in this issue is designed to help tire dealers better understand the market forces and global industry that directly impacts their business on a daily

Setting the Stage

As the new editor of Tire Review, it’s a true privilege to be in this role, serving the tire industry and its members with the information you need most to be stay ahead and stay successful. To quote my predecessor, the late Jim Smith, “This is your magazine. We are simply its caretaker.” In the