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What Data Tells Us About EV Hype

Love them or not, EVs are hugely gaining popularity – at least in the sense that we can’t help but talk about them all the time – thanks to a number of market factors, gas prices being chief among them. In fact, according to data released by Hankook Tire in August, 26% of survey takers

IMR Releases Study on the American Perception of Trade Jobs

IMR has released its latest insights regarding the perception of the trades as a career path within U.S. households. This study surveyed 25,000 nationally representative households during the first quarter of each year since 2020. Thirty-nine percent of households surveyed fully agree that there are unfilled positions in the automotive service industry, providing high job

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IMR Data: More Independent Repair Shops Know Private Label Brand Parts

IMR Inc. has released its latest insight, an update from its 2021 insight on the importance of private label and national branded parts at independent repair shops. As of August 2022, more parts purchasers at independent repair shops reported knowing what brand was in the private label box (20.8%) compared to 2021 (19.6%), with purchasers

IMR Research Shows Impact of EV Service at Independent Shops

IMR released an update with new insight on its research on how battery and hybrid electric vehicle service is impacting independent repair shops. Between June 1-30, IMR says it interviewed 500 independent repair shops in the U.S. to update its original findings from 2021 on trends relating to service exposure in independent repair shops to

IMR Inc. Releases New Insight on Delayed Maintenance

Out of households surveyed in Q2 of 2020, 20.1% said they had delayed maintenance on their vehicles.

IMR Inc. Updates Top Challenges for Independents

IMR says after surveying independent repair shops and technicians in May, 84% of shops reported a decrease in revenue, with 54.6% reporting staff reductions and 86.8% reporting pay reductions.

Disruption in Parts Availability Affecting Purchasing

Research firm IMR Inc. interviewed 400 independent repair shops, in the U.S., to gain insight on their parts and brand purchasing experience during the pandemic.

IMR Inc. Report: 2020 Independent Repair Shop Challenges

Finding time for training, staying up-to-date with diagnostics and finding qualified techs are top challenges for shops.

IMR Releases Insight on Delayed Maintenance

IMR, an automotive research firm, has released their latest Insight entitled “Consumers Delaying Vehicle Routine Maintenance.” The report looks at consumers that have delayed routine maintenance, parts and service, and the reasons why.