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Video: Navigating the Ignition Coil Connector

Always check the wiring diagram to confirm the connections to the coil. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

Video: Why Are Ignition Coils Lubricated?

Babcox Media’s Joe Keene explains why the boots of most Mercedes Benz ignition coils are lubricated at the factory.

Video: How Much Energy Does It Take To Fire a Coil?

Babcox Media’s Joe Keene explains what to look for when analyzing the condition of a spark plug as part of a diagnostic procedure.

Bosch Introduces New Aftermarket Parts Covering 4.5 Million Vehicles

The new replacement brake pads, engine management parts and spark plugs offer coverage for select BMW, Fiat, Ford and Mazda applications among others.

AAA Reports Breakdowns at Record High

AAA reported breakdowns were at a record high in 2015, despite vehicle advances. “Vehicles today are advanced more than ever, yet are still vulnerable to breakdowns,” said Cliff Ruud, AAA’s managing director of automotive solutions. “Sleek, low profile tires are highly susceptible to damage, electronic keyless ignitions can zap battery life and despite advanced warning