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Create a Healthy Work Environment in Your Tire Dealership

We spend one-third of our lives at work, where we frequently face physical and mental stress or anxiety. As an employer, take a look at how you can promote a healthy workplace environment.

Finding the Right Employee Health Care Benefits for Your Team

According to MetLife’s 2018 “Employee Benefit Trends Study,” 54% of millennials cite their benefits as a determining factor in deciding where to work. Simply put, you could be losing out on young, passionate employees simply because your benefits package — if you offer one at all — is not competitive.

Goodyear Names New SVP of Global HR

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has hired Gary VanderLind to be its vice president of human resources for the Americas region and senior vice president of global human resources, effective Feb. 1.

Goodyear Gary VanderLind Human Resources
Unemployment Benefits: Considerations When Contesting a Claim

Whether unemployment claims are the bane of your existence or a routine part of your month, here are a few tips for successfully assessing and handling these claims.

tire shop unemployment claims
You & the Law – What to Do when the Government Knocks

Even if your conscience is clear, your heart will probably start racing if government agents walk into your business. Here’s what you need to know.

Top Shop Discussion – Gun Policy

The topic of Guns in the Workplace came up during a panel at the 2018 Tire Review Top Shop event in Nashville, Tennessee. This is what our 2018 finalists and past winners had to say about the topic:   Tire Review:  I’m curious about your gun policies. Alpio Barbara, Redwood General Tire:  Your what? Patti

Hankook Hires Motorsports, Human Resources Managers

Hankook Tire America Corp. has hired Robert Dole to serve as its motorsports marketing manager and Dwain Stevens as corporate human resources manager.

Monitoring Employees

Protect your business interests, while maintaining workplace privacy.

Drugs in the Workplace

As states legalize marijuana use and heroin addiction reaches epidemic levels, shops are pressed to balance a shrinking supply of employees and technicians with an increase in illegal – and legal – drug use. This 420, get a handle on employees and drug use in the workplace.

Creating a Successful Performance Review Plan

Employee performance reviews are more than a task on a company’s to-do list to reveal excellent and poor employee performance. When done correctly, performance reviews should help build employee/manager relationships and help business owners keep the pulse of their business’ success. By taking the time to understand what your employees are experiencing within your business

How to Shop for Health Insurance

With the many different facets of health insurance, shopping for the right kind of coverage can be a daunting task for small business owners. With various policies, regulations and requirements, there is a lot to consider – not to mention the fact that health insurance is often the largest expense next to wages for a

Incentivizing Your Team

Since the time we started advising shop owners, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every pay plan known to man. I’m also pretty sure that I’ve heard every possible variation of the same question: “How can I pay my team in a way that motivates them without eating all of my profits?” If that sounds familiar,