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GfK to Begin Weekly Regional Data Reporting from Tire Retail POS Panel

Continuing its goal to create a data-driven tire retail market in the U.S., GfK will transition to weekly regional reporting of data from its POS panel of tire retailers in 2020.

liight truck tires growth GFK data
Light Truck Tires post 3.5% U.S. Unit Growth in 2018, GfK POS Data Reports

While the U.S. tire retail market still faces challenges, GfK point-of-sale (POS) data from outlets nationwide point to important opportunities in a few key segments of the marketplace.

Light Truck Tires Outpace 4×4/SUV, Passenger Car Segments in Units, Dollars, Price

GfK’s nationwide point-of-sale (POS) panel of independent U.S. retailers has released new data showing that the light truck category is leading a sluggish tire retail market in the U.S.

liight truck tires growth GFK data
GfK Launches New Retail Sales Reporting System for Dealers

A treasure trove of actionable retail tire sales data, collected as each sale is consummated. Deep-dive information on what brands and models are selling best, at what prices and through what stores. What do you think that kind of real-world information should cost an independent tire dealer? A thousand dollars a month? Maybe $500? How