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Selling Ride Control: Do Not Back Down

Let’s say you have a customer come in with a broken passenger side spring. You write up that the customer needs four struts, two springs and front upper strut mounts. However, they start questioning you about whether there’s a less expensive option, saying, “can I replace just the fronts? Or one side?” You want to

Richard Petty Details the Historic Builds He’s Working on with Continental

When you think of Richard Petty, you think fast. “The King,” as his moniker aptly describes, is one of the most accomplished drivers in motorsports history, winning a record of 200 races during his 30-plus year career. Although Petty may have retired from racing, his need for speed has embodied itself in Petty’s Garage, a

Richard Petty Petty's Garage Performance
Relationship Between Tire Tread Depth And Rolling Resistance

As a tire dealer, you know that tread depth plays a role in rolling resistance – and your customers should, too. Let’s delve into this relationship and how to explain it to customers. Tires have to generate a minimum amount of heat and friction and have great heat transfer capabilities to ensure good rolling resistance.

Using Data To Price Out Tires

Every tire dealer’s goal is to better understand what their customers want. This can improve sales, maximize overall profitability and drive more traffic to their stores. Tire Review’s Tess Lovrak discusses how data can help dealers do so from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media. Data and analytics platforms can be

Using Data to price out tires
Creating A Positive Work Environment For Your Employees

Creating a work environment that is a positive experience for both your employees and your customers is a win-win for your business. Let’s review some steps from Larry Sutton, founder and CEO of RNR Tire Express and Tire Review contributor, on building a positive work environment that you can use in your tire dealership.  Sutton

How Tread Depth Affects a Vehicle’s Handling

When thinking about the level of comfort the simple things give us, we can only hope for a similar level of comfort when driving a car on a cold day. Tread depth can help with this, which is discussed more below. Maybe your car isn’t as comfortable as some amenities, but it shouldn’t feel like

The Difference Between Tire Tread Patterns

Tires in the market today are mainly designed with one of three tread patterns: directional, asymmetrical or symmetrical. Each pattern lends itself to specific performance characteristics that help the tire, basically, do what engineers want it to. Tire Review’s Maddie Winer takes a look at each from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox

Tread Elements that Make Winter Tires Stand Up to the Test

The tread design on winter tires is truly meant to stand up to the test of harsh conditions. I mean, just look at this one. So, let’s take a deeper look. First, many winter tires have lots of deep grooves, which can run circumferentially and laterally around the tire. A tire’s network of grooves helps

OE vs. Replacement Tires

OE tires are what you find on your car when you purchase a new vehicle, and tire manufacturers work closely with car manufacturers to develop these. According to experts at Continental Tire, OE tires are purpose-built to bring out the unique characteristics of a vehicle and optimize performance. This is necessary because not all vehicles

Tips for TPMS and Torque

When it comes to TPMS service and successful TPMS programs, you have to have consistent practices like testing the system before touching it, changing out service kits every time a tire is removed from a wheel and making sure programming tools stay up to date. And one crucial thing you don’t want to overlook is

Why Everyday Training Helps Technicians

You may be blocking off several hours or days for employees to accomplish their training, whether it be on new industry tools, tires or company best practices and policies in the repair process. But, it seems like shops are busier than ever before, and it can be difficult to find time to schedule training for

Protecting Employees During Winter Months

Cold temperatures and wind chill cause heat to leave the body faster, which puts employees at risk of cold stress. So, how do you keep your technicians safe in the colder months? Tire Review’s Danielle Hess gives you some tips from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media. Technicians don’t usually work

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