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Auto Care Association Testifies Before FTC on Repair Restrictions

The Auto Care Association represented its members in an FTC forum that focused on the impacts of repair limits instituted by manufacturers.

Auto Care Association
Aftermarket Professional Groups Applaud FTC’s Compliance Warning To Hyundai

While automotive professional organizations say they wish that the FTC’s actions involving Hyundai had been stronger, they applaud the agency for warning the company about its illegal actions.

Federal Trade Commission Mergers Acquisition Tire Industry
Tire Industry Mergers, Joint Ventures and FTC Approval

This year, we’ve seen four major tire manufacturers join together to streamline the distribution of their products through a joint venture. But how are these JVs approved? Here’s how it works.

Federal Trade Commission Mergers Acquisition Tire Industry
Senator Asks FTC to Clarify Magnuson-Moss Warranty Interpretation

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., has asked the Federal Trade Commission to clarify its interpretation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act in an Oct. 21 letter. “Many motorists may have been led to believe…that going to a local repair shop or using a different manufacturer’s parts could void a car’s warranty,” he wrote. He said manufacturers