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Trelleborg Introduces Tire for Rice Farming

Trelleborg Wheel Systems introduced its latest addition to the TM600 tire line, the new 480/80R50 ProgressiveTraction Rice tire designed specifically for rice farming.

GRI Pays Tribute to Farmers at Agritechnica

With its goal of devoting efforts to understand the needs and aspirations of farmers around the world, GRI has created the Green-X Circle, spreading awareness of the importance of farmers in the tire industry “from origin to destination.”

Trelleborg Introduces New App for Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring

Trelleborg AB has introduced the new Trelleborg TLC Plus App, an advanced, sensor-based check-up system that measures potential tire pressure gaps between the optimum pressure and the actual tire inflation pressure and wirelessly relays this information to the farmer’s mobile device or PC.

Trelleborg TLC PLus App
Radial Tire Technology: The Importance of Radial Over Bias for Farming

With the introduction of the radial tire design, the whole world of tires changed dramatically.

Farm field conditions for agricultural tire selection
The Long Tail of Ag Tires Finding Your Niche

We live in a truly limitless world. Our world is both large and small. We have access to nearly infinite options in nearly every facet of life and industry. Meanwhile, our reach has expanded exponentially, while making the world much smaller and more reachable.

A Time To Build

How lucky are we? If you turn on the TV and flip the channel to your favorite news station, watch for five minutes and ask yourself that same question again. How lucky are we?