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Hunter Engineering Debuts ROI Hub

Hunter Engineering’s new ROI Hub offers 13 specific ROI calculators for Hunter equipment.

Innovations in Tire Equipment Technology

There’s so much we can do with better technology. Technology innovations often translate to tire changers and wheel balancers, and equipment manufacturers have made the processes for changing a tire or balancing a wheel simpler, faster and more efficient. We talk more about what innovations have been made on those fronts in the video above.

Redline Detection Wins SEMA Manufacturer of the Year Award

This award is given to one manufacturer each year who has displayed exceptional technical innovation, outstanding business practices, leadership in the industry, and an investment in the well-being of their employees, the company said.

Defining the Right Wheel Balancer for Your Shop

Each shop requires a different wheel balancer depending on the work they do. Consider these aspects before you make an investment in a piece of equipment.

Coats Garage Wheel Balancer Direct Drive Series
Business Finance Guide for Tire Dealers: Investing in New Equipment

Explore the main questions you should consider when purchasing a new, major piece of equipment for your shop.

New Equipment Tire shop SNap Finance
Is It Really Too Expensive?

How many times have you encountered a new piece of equipment that you might use in your operation and asked about the price before investigating much further? Perhaps the “sticker shock” turned you off, or you soon stopped listening from that point forward. Quite often you are on the other end of that conversation.  You

The Impact and Importance of Compressed Air

Compressed air is the energy source for most shop equipment and many tools. Inadequate airflow or pressure interrupts work flow just like an electric power outage would. Here’s some advice for choosing and maintaining your compressed air system. Pressure Pitfalls Avoid a common pitfall – don’t over-pressurize. Very few tools require pressures above 100 psig.

The Art of Purchasing: The Benefits of Financing

Even if a business chooses to purchase equipment, rarely do they purchase it with cash. In fact, whether leasing or buying, “seven out of 10 companies use some sort of financing when acquiring equipment,” says William Sutton, president and CEO of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association. According to Sutton there are several benefits to

Winter Cold Wreaks Havoc on TPMS Sensors

Winter has finally ended for most of the country, but the arctic temperatures and massive snowfall brought an influx of illuminated TPMS lights and future lessons for both tire dealers and drivers. As it was, many of those lights were false alarms. The reason? Look no further than the thermometer. Before we put the snow

Cover All the Bases of Modern Charging Systems

To quote a familiar situation: “My customer’s car is now on its third alternator in six months and my jobber store refuses to ­warranty a fourth.” In other words, the parts supplier believes that an underlying problem is causing these alternators to fail and, therefore, won’t warranty more alternators. While we occasionally ­experience a sequence

Vehicle Service: How to Test Vacuum Power Assist and Hydroboost Braking Systems

The ASE A5 Test has a large section (about 43%) dedicated to hydraulic, power assist and parking brake system diagnosis and repair. As it specifically pertains to power assist, you must know how to: Check vacuum supply (manifold or auxiliary pump) to vacuum-type power booster. Diagnose vacuum-type power booster units for vacuum leaks and proper

Custom Wheels & TPMS

Selling, mounting and balancing custom wheels can be a profitable business, but what about tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it’s a violation of the TREAD Act to disable the system, which includes vehicles with aftermarket or ­custom rims, but there are a few options that