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Michelin-Backed JV Group Aims to Create Large Scale Tire Recycling

The JV group is set to establish end-of-life tire recycling plants across Europe.

Study: Crumb Rubber in Asphalt Can Protect Roads From Aging

RMIT University engineers in Australia have collaborated with the Tyre Stewardship Australia to discover that crumb rubber from end-of-life tires can provide a sustainable solution to UV protection for roads, the university says. The organizations found that when rubber from end-of-life tires is blended with a mixture of asphalt, the road is more UV-resistant and

Asphalt-crumb-rubber-rmit univeristy study
Pyrolyx Gets Financing to Expand in U.S. Market

Pyrolyx AG has signed a five-year mezzanine financing agreement for €5.0 million (around $6.2 million) with the American Arena Growth Holdings to expand into the U.S. market.

Pyrolyx U.S. expansion Indiana factory