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Continental Opens Research Lab In Germany For Dandelion Rubber

Continental’s new lab is designed as a base for future research on farming and the extraction process of Russian dandelions as an alternative raw material source to rubber trees.

BKT Partners with Kultevat to Create Dandelion Rubber Compound for Tires

BKT plans for the compounds to gradually replace or reduce the use of natural rubber in its tires in the future.

Conti Tests Tires Made from Dandelion-derived Rubber

Continental Tire AG, together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, Julius Kuehn-Institute, and EKUSA, has produced and tested the first tires with tread made completely out of natural rubber derived from dandelions. “In agricultural terms, dandelions are an undemanding plant, growing in moderate climates, even in the northern hemisphere, and can