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Tire Shop Burglary Suspect Traps Self Under Pile of Tires

A suspected burglar had to call 911 for help after he got stuck under a pile of tires at a tire shop in Georgia.

Police Searching for Suspects in Tire Break-ins

A string of burglaries in Chatham County Georgia have led to more than $175,000 in stolen tires since November.

Homicide Investigation Underway at Texas Tire Shop

Police are investigating the death of a Brownsville, Texas, tire dealer after finding him dead in his shop.

Police Searching for Suspect of Tire Shop Shooting

Police are searching again for the man accused of shooting up a tire shop near Dallas on Christmas Eve, after the suspect disappeared after posting bail, local media reports. The suspect allegedly planned to kill Muslims at the shop and shot at customers outside, which resulted in the death of one man, wounding of bystanders and

Man Threatens to Burn Down Florida Tire Shop

A man threatened to burn down a tire shop in Bradenton, Fla., while demanding a refund, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. On Tuesday, the man went to Central Discount Tires on Tuesday morning and blocked the only entrance. He demanded his money back while holding a homemade firebomb and a lighter. Police arrived

Trailer Full of Tires Stolen in Canada

Roughly $70,000 worth of tires was stolen from a site in Oakville, Ontario. According to police, the suspect drove a stolen truck onto the site, hooked up a trailer filled with Hankook tires and left the area. The police found the stolen truck a short distance away. Anyone with information is asked to contact the

Two Pennsylvania Tire Thefts Under Investigation

Police are investigating two separate tire thefts in two Pennsylvania counties, which might be connected, according to media reports. Recently, two tire businesses – Deimler’s Tire Service in Carroll Township, Pa., and GCR Tire Center in Mount Joy, Pa., – reported stolen tires. Deimler’s reported $80,000 worth of commercial truck tires stolen, taken from trailers

Les Schwab Workers Halt Assault

Les Schwab workers came to the rescue of a woman who was being assaulted by a man outside a Les Schwab store located in Olympia, Wash. The man is facing multiple assault charges, according to local media reports. On March 31, officers were called to the Les Schwab Tire Center, responding to an alleged assault.

Former Employee Arrested for Stealing Tires

Police caught a former tire store employee allegedly in the process of stealing tires from a Tire Plus store in Athens, Ga., according to local media reports. A Tires Plus employee on lunch noticed a man trying to load tires into a vehicle and called the police. The employee recognized the man as a former

Bad Checks Cost Tire Dealership $7,500

A Texas tire dealership is attempting to recoup its loss after two checks equaling $7,500 bounced. A customer called Freeman Tire Co. in Midland, Texas, last week to purchase 16 truck tires, according to local media report. The customer requested that the tire business deliver the tires to a service station in Odessa, Texas, instead

Police Recover Trailer of Stolen Tires

A GPS unit helped the Florida Highway Patrol locate and recover a stolen tractor-trailer filled with tires. Earlier in the week, a trailer full of $110,000 in truck tires was stolen in Kentucky. The driver of the truck was arrested and has been charged with stealing cargo worth more than $50,000 and grand theft of

Tire Dealership Owner Faces 99-Year Sentence

Following a drug raid at a tire dealership in Edinburg, Texas, the store’s owner is facing felony drug charges for selling cocaine to drive-thru motorists, according to media reports. The owner of Joe’s Tire Shop was charged with possession with intent to distribute more than four but less then 200 grams of cocaine, a first